2016 will see Brisbane Grammar School Gymnastics continue on through a golden era. I am very proud to say that our team, which continues to produce the perfect mixture of new boys to very experienced leaders, took out the 2015 GPS Championships with a second consecutive clean sweep capping off five successive years. BGS Gymnastics continues to grow in numbers and the culture amongst the school community is heading firmly in the right direction.
— Jack Coates, Master-in-Charge/Head Coach of Gymnastics

The Gymnastics competition between GPS schools commenced in 1915, making it the oldest of all GPS sports. Over the years, BGS has dominated the sport, proudly winning the championship fifty-five times; most recently in 2014 where the Brisbane Grammar gymnasts took out all three divisions to secure their fourth premiership win in as many years.

The competition season involves a series of rounds between individual schools, followed by the GPS Championships, to be held at The Southport School on Saturday, 22th October 2016.

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